Planned maintenance work in 2022

Based on the official statement of Sárvár Spa, we would like to inform you that dates of mandatory cleaning and water change of indoor-outdoor pools are the following:

2021 end of year:

  • Indoor wave pool – 29. November – 3. December
  • Indoor-outdoor experience pool – 13.-19. December


  • Indoor swimming pool: 3-5. January,
  • Indoor children pool and baby pool: 28. February- 2. March,
  • Indoor-outdoor thermal water pool: 21-27. March,
  • Indoor slide pool: 28-30. March,
  • Indoor slide and wave pool: 4-6. April,
  • Indoor-outdoor experience pool: 25-30. April,
  • Indoor swimming pool: 22-24. August,
  • Indoor children pool and baby pool: 12-14. September,
  • Indoor-outdoor experience pool: 19-25. September,
  • Indoor-outdoor thermal water pool: 3-9. October,
  • Indoor slide pool: 10-12. October,
  • Indoor slide and wave pool: 7-9. November,

All other pools and services will function undisturbed during this period, all other thermal pools will be available.

For more information please visit the website of Sárvár Spa & Wellness Centre.

We kindly inform our Guests that during maintenance works in the Sárvár Spa and Wellness Centre only affected pools are out of order while the rest of the spa’s attractions operate undisturbedly.

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