As part of our all-inclusive services, we offer varied, delicious and carefully prepared dishes to ensure an unforgettable gastronomical experience, evoking the tastes of traditional Hungarian cuisine, the best of international cuisine and the exciting world of food innovations. Every meal is an experience in itself, and we offer our guests food and bar services from early morning until late evening, with imaginative courses and abundant choices.


We would like to ask our dear Guests, to visit the hotel restaurants dressed to the season and the occasion properly.

  • The La Caraffa Restaurant can be visited in clothes appropriate for the occasion during main meals, i.e. during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please avoid wearing bathrobe, slippers or sweatpants.
  • Beach wear and slippers are allowed during brunch and afternoon snack in Family Lunch Restaurant.

Fresh, organic, conscious and delicious

Our principle is that what is delicious can also be healthy, and we do not compromise over quality in our all-inclusive services. Our hospitality and gastronomical services follow the principles of quality and health, and we consciously select our raw materials. When compiling our menu options, we make sure we have something to offer to our guests with food intolerances, and include lactose-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and vegetarian options, but on request we can prepare dishes according to any food intolerance after advance consultation.