Sárvár Spa:
Wellness treatments

Pamper yourself with a wide range of wellness treatments that include among others: Shiatsu, lava stone, chocolate, prananadi, “flower magic” massage with exotic flavor, aroma and Tibetan sound-massage. Aroma baths and holistic treatments as well as Eastern therapies will make your spa experience unforgettable. Let yourself be enchanted by our treatments!

Wellness massages

Refreshing massage
Vitalising and conditioning massage with catching of the Swedish massage and refreshing aroma oil.

Migraine massage
The special grips help to dissolve the headache and the stress in the muscles. Re-establish the blood-stream and create a relaxed and balanced statement. The face- massage slacks and sharpens the stretch and tautness of the skin.

Manager massage
Give way to a massage which is stress-solvent, relaxing but still refills you with energy. The treatment dissolves the all-day-stress, which is piled up in the muscles.

Spa relax aromamassage
The massage-oil contains natural mandarin and lavender oil and is helpful during the relaxation. The oil has a pleasant flavour, and the components of the sunflower-oil make the skin soft.

Shake Up massage
Menthol- peppermint- rosemary- and sunflower oils of natural origin are used during this massage. The ethereal oils of the product have a skin-refreshing effect and increase the blood circulation of the skin surface, the fat oils against have a skin softly making effect.

Flower-blossom aromamassage
A massage with attar of roses and clementinoil maintains your skin. The nice exotic flavour of the oil charms us, its substances soften your skin.

Vital aromamassage
A treatment with a body-maintaining massage-oil, which contains natural orange and sage oil. This oil gives a flavour to the skin, which wakes the memory of a Mediterranean beach It nourished, tightens and maintains the skin. In addition it increases your well-being and refills you with energy.

Warm up massage
The massge made with warm sage, rosemary and grapefruit oils nourish the skin, help you to relax. Fragrances during the treatment help to create the physical and spiritual balance.

After Eight Massage
You can fell with our your sensory organs the cooling, though warming beneficial effect of the mint chocolate. The relaxing, soothing massage-process makes the experience complete.

Chocolate massage
The mild, fine chocolate with a good temperature guarantees the well-beeing and the cocoabutter makes the skin silky. The massage has also relaxing, stress-reducing, skin-nourishing and mositurizer effetcs.

Honey massage
Honey is liquid gold. We use a special massage technique for it. It has a high detoxifying effect and brings even the deep-steated impurities of the pores to the surface. The skin appears firmer, silkier and healthier.

Cooling massage
The cream with menthol improves circulation, and has refreshing, cooling effect.

Shiatsu massage
Shiatsu is massage therapy applied with the fingers to those specific areas of the body used in acupressure. Hence, when pressure is applied to shiatsu meridian lines on the human body, certain desirable benefits are obtained. The meridian are known as the pathway of life energy of the human body. The massage is made on mattress in a dress. In addition to pain-reducing effect of the treatment, the target is to restore the body”s health, vitality and resilience.

Prananadi massage
The Tibetan massage is a ritual in which the 248 grips harmonize the energyflow from top to toe. Prana means life energy that flows in our body on the energy pathways (nadi). The power blocks will be dissolved during the treatment. The massage is made on mattress in a dress. During the Prana face massage treatment only the face and scalp will be massaged.

Lava stone massage
It is a really spoiling treatment, a real speciality. It happens beside soft, relaxation music, with upwarmed lava rocks along the energy lines of our body. Relaxes, rests, exempts from the daily stress, repairs the general condition. After a treatment you will feel reborned.

Massage for pregnant ladies
Relaxing, stress relefing, gentle massage, the waist is not touched. Thanks to the light technique, it ensures well-being for the mothers.

Massage for children
A kind of massage that improves the function of organs and the whole body. Diminishes the feeling of exhaustion and increases stamina. This is a great treatment covering everything and, wich result in regaining health.

Sport massage is wide-spread, based on western traditions. Being especially similar to the swedish massage, it is however a much stronger, a more intensive variety, which has an effect on the deep muscles. The techniques used during this massage does not consist of smoothing, gentle movements, but (applies) stronger, subbing, kneading beating clasps. Sport massage done regularly is an excellent way to improve physical condition which, by virtue of its effect, can be recommended for men and women alike.

Massage on waterbed
Massage on waterbed combines the beneficial effetcs of massage, hydrotherapy and heattherapy. Relax your body and is an ideal choise for dissolving the muscle cramps by spine- and musculoskeletal problems.

Aromatic lava stone massage
The heated lava stones filled the body with energy, harmonize the relationship between body and soul. Bags filled with lavender help relaxation during treatment.

Hot candle massage

Refreshing feetmassage


Ayurveda treatments

Backmassage with warm oil.

Sarvanga abhyanga
Bodymassage from top to toe with warm oil. At the end of the procedure occur a purification in the steam cabin.

Sync massage
Complete bodymassage with oil made by two masseurs at the same time. A real realxation for body and soul. At the end of the treatment there is a detoxification in the steamcabine.

Warm Indian oil massage of the legs and feet. Massaging the marma points improves the lymphatic circulation, helps the metabolism. Relieve the pain of swollen feet, softens and nourishes the skin.

Special headmassage. It helps against headache-and cervical problems, tiredness. Its stimulates the brainfunctions and make the body relaxed. It is effective for hairloss, too.

Shirodara treatment
The massage of the head while herbal oil is streamt on the forehead. It is a special treatment of the Ayurveda.


Thai massages

Thai massage
The main effect fo the massage is to balance the energiy system. The masseuse presses the energy points with their thumb, palm, elbow, knee and foot. The efficiency of the massage is increased through moving and cracking the knuckles. Our masseuses are qualified at the most famous massage schools in Thailand. For these treatments we provide special, comfortable clothes to our guests. The massage is applied on mats laid on the floor.

Thai feetmassage
The foot is the map of the body. Almost all of the sensing nerves originate from the foot. The foot massage stimulates the activity of the internal organs, balances the activity of the blood and lymphatic circulation, improves endurance, boosts immunity, purifies the body, revitalizes the quest and promotes long life. The masseuse uses her fingers and special sticks for the massage, together with special creams and oils.

Thai oil massage
Touch and sensing the fragrances together have a beneficial effect, directly through the skin. The oil massage stimulates circulation, the volatile oils embrance the body and take their effect through inhalation. It helps purification, strengthens the immune system, makes skin more elastic and silky. It revitalizes the tired soul.

Thai herbal massage
This type of massage is a combination of the traditional Thai massage with herbal steam. A massage with the steamed bag full of herbs and with herbal oils can stimulate the circulation and can make stiff muscles and joints work. It is beneficial for refreshing tired muscles and joints as well as for killing pain. The bag full of herbs contains more than 15 herbs.


Eastern therapies

Sound massage – sound bed
This method is based upon ancient knowledge which recognised the positive effects of certain sounds and was used 5000 years ago in India. The treatment is done on a sound bed. It helps with the restoration of the disorders in the energy zone of the body. The therapy also contributes to the restrengthening of the body”s immune system.

Sound massage – with Tibetan bowls
The treatment is done by using several different sized Tibetan bowls. It helps with the restoration of the disorders in the energy zone of the body. The therapy also contributes to the restrengthening of the body”s immune system. It is advisable for children who have behavioural or study problems and for adults who want to experience a sense of liberation and the strengthening of the self curing capacity of their bodies.

Sound magic
We offer you a magical half an hour with the overtone used with the medley of instrumental music. The soundbed and the resonance of bowls from Tibet will make a new order in your organism with a gentle cell massage, while the spheric sounds help let go, relax and experience complete mental piece.

Combined Sound Massage
This therapy is performed on the sound bed combined with the Tibetan bowls. It is a unique experience. The treatment strengthens the immune system, improves your ability to concentrate, creativity, helps to restore the energy balance.

Soundmassage for children
It is advisable for children who have behavioural or study problems and want to strengthen the self curing capacity of their bodies.

Bamboo massage



Vital aromabath
This bath contains milk, orange- and pine extract of natural origin. The milk lends fresh, revitalizing effect of the nature of the bathers. The bath contains natural substances, which maintain and tighten the skin.

Flower-blossom aromabath
A well-being-bath with the extracts of Clementine-oil and attar of roses. The flavours help to relax and the guests feel like being on a far, exotic islands. The milk makes the water smooth and gentle. The components of the milk nourish and make the skin soft.

Spa Relax Aromabad
The bath contains natural mandarin and lavender oil and is helpful during the relaxation. The mandarin helps to relax, stimulates the blood-circulation. The lavender still strengthens this effect. The harmony of the substances in the water and the skin-nourishing effect of the milk make complete the relaxing effect of this treatment.

Energy aromabath
The bath contains peppermint and rosemary of natural origin. Its fresh menthol-flavour fulfills the body with new energy, promotes the blood circulation and tightens the skin. The rosemary oil cleans and detoxicates the skin. The milk given to the bath water gives the smell of a energy-loaded, green meadow to the skin.

Herbal tee bath
Concentrated tea made from different kinds of herbs is mixed with the bath water thus the herbs have an external effect. The natural substances improve blood flow, odorous has a calming, relaxing effect.

Cleopatra bath
The fundamental basic of this bath is its most complex nutritional source, milk, which makes the skin tight and smooth and has a strengthening and rejuvenating effect. It is used not only internally but also externally. Its effect is to stimulate the blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. Cell division is generated and it helps the regeneration of the epidermis and the skin. The bath is based on cow milk, however it can be made even more pleasant through the introduction of oil and honey. This bath provides a lingering feeling of well being, relaxing and making the skin feel silky.

Caesar bath
The sage, rosemary oil and milk rejuvenates the tired body, grapefruit fresh smell of oil strengthens the soul of a man.

Bubble bath (hidroxeur)
Soak up the core of tension and relax! The water jets do wonder, while massaging our body and relief stress.


Wellness body packages

Sárvár salt pack
Slows down skin aging process, promotes cell renewal by detoxifying effect, increases metabolism of the cells. As a result of peeling the skin toned upper epidermis, the skin is rejuvenated by it.

Chocolate pack
This is the most endorfin producing, sense touching treatment, decreases phobia and discomfort. It hydrates and tonizates the skin; because of free minerals it revitalises and softens the skin. Perfect diving to the physical and mental welfare!

Olive oil pack
The pack includes olive oil, which softens, limbers, energises and tightens body. Thank to active ingredients (extra virgin olive oil, basil) the pack excellent revitalises. The treatment is like a timetravel: guests feel like in an ancient roman spa.

Warm-up aroma pack
The almond oil, cinnamon oil and clementines delicious blend pampers the skin, their smell soothing the soul.

Honey pack
Enjoy special care, detoxifying effect of honey as a body wrap. The saltcrystals added preserve the freshness of the skin. The treatment has an antibacterial effect, too.

Mint feet pack
The foot bath with mint leaf and mint oil and a refreshing creamy feetpack filled up with life on the tired legs, the salt detoxifies and promotes skin regeneration.


Wellness for couples

Massage for couples
The massage for couples will be done in one treatment room with 2 masseurs at the same time. Guests can choose from the following massages: chocolate, “After Eight”, cooling.

Body package for couples
The pack includes olive oil, which softens, limbers, energises and tightens body or chocolate, wich is the most endorfin producing, sense touching treatment. It hydrates and tonizates the skin, because of free minerals it revitalises and softens the skin. Thank to active ingredients the pack excellent revitalises. The treatment is a gift for the body and soul. Our guests can choose from chocolate and olive oil pack.

Aromatic lava stone massage for couples
An exceptional pampering treatment. The massage is made by masseurs in one room. They do the massage with hot lava stones along the energy lines of the body. It is performed to soft, relaxing music. Makes you forget your everyday worries, help to achieve physical and mental harmony. Already after the first treatment you will feel reborn.

Aromabath for couples
A special bath for two people at the same time. Bath with aroma oils baths are available.

Sound massage for couples
Treat yourself and your partner in a very special experience of affection, of national harmony. It is a common relaxation during the sound massage.