Karthago concert

The legendary Hungarian Karthago band celebrating its 40th anniversary this year comes to Sárvár to entertain rock music fans as part of their “Együtt 40 éve” (40 years together) concert tour.

Founded in 1979, the rock band has grown to a real legend since. Their ballads conquered all top lists within a few months and became an important part of Hungarian music history. Their debut album in 1981 titled Karthago sold a record of 178.000 copies.

For the past few decades the band has performed several hundreds of concerts in Hungary and abroad. To celebrate the 40th anniversary, old tunes are played again in Sárvár, on the 15th August at 21.00 at the Posta Square.

Entry to the concert is free of charge.

For further information, please visit the website of Nádasdy Castle.

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